my new favorite crafting tool

not my idea, totally stole it from design*sponge… don’t care ‘cause I love it.  This is the fussiest little tool you’ll ever own but so fun to have on hand.

The letters come in two sizes, tiny and tinier.  I’ve not braved the tiniest set yet.  I’ll need to set up my daylight work lamp and a jeweler’s magnifying tool to do that.  Luckily the set also comes with a little pair of plastic tweezers for picking up the letters and placing them in the stamp.  And it takes awhile to make sure you’re spelling everything correctly ‘cause it’s backwards so if you’re dyslexic this might (or might not I guess) be a trick.  It also took me awhile to figure out an apostrophe.  I’m not going to tell you, have a very close look at the photo below and you’ll see how I did it.


I love the all caps type and how old-fashioned it looks.  I’ve used this on three projects already and can see using it tons more.

I want to use it next time I have a show to make my title cards…

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