needle felting

On a whim, sort of, I tried a little needle felting project. 

I’ve wanted to try it forever but hadn’t bought the needles so I finally broke down and bought a kit with an assortment of needles and the big piece of sponge.  My friend Anna gave me some tips and I read the instructions for working with a cookie cutter at A Child’s Dream Come True.  I have to say, this is a very very simple process.  And I only poked myself twice and considering I was glued to Season 3 of Dexter while I was doing it, is pretty darn good.

I made a simple heart, with a pin back.  I added a little key to the front.  My next project is a cover for my e-reader to replace the scuba suit it came with.

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  1. amy February 4, 2010

    adorable! i love the finished product of needle felting, though i do not love the forever it sometimes takes to get there. that\’s why i bought myself a needle felting machine…

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