another needle felt project

Okay, this is fun.  I really love needle felting and on my second outing I didn’t poke myself once!  I know, hard to believe.  I made this little case for my e-reader to replace the neoprene case that it came in.  Felt is me.  Scuba isn’t

I used the lovely 1/4-inch think wool felt that is available (I got mine at Ben Franklin Crafts).  Next a cookie cutter and some roving for the squirrel.  poky poky poky

Once that was done I did the flower “free form”.  Can you tell?!  Of course you can.  I pulled pieces of roving and twisted them between my fingers until I got the shape I wanted started.  Then I poked the roving into the felt.  I have single needles as they came with my starter kit.  Single needles are perfect for small areas like the stem of the flower, but I think I might “invest” in a multi-needle tool for larger areas like the flower and the squirrel. 

I love how it turned out.  I finished the whole thing with blanket stitch around the edges.  I was going to add a closure at the top but it is snug enough that the reader won’t slide out.  .


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