My friend Sophie makes soufflé for dinner all the time.  Soufflé!   She insists they are easy and gave me her recipe so I finally tried it.  And it was a big hit.

The recipe for Cheese Soufflé Cockaigne comes from Joy of Cooking.  I had all the ingredients on hand, even the Gruyere cheese leftover from the onion tart I made for the baby shower a couple of weeks ago.  The recipe really is fairly straight forward once you’ve read over the full page of basic instructions for cooking a soufflé! 

I didn’t let all my ingredients get to room temperature and I used whole wheat flour in my white sauce.  This might be why it didn’t rise like Sophie’s (about 4-inches above the rim of the casserole dish).  Next time I”m using a much smaller dish so that it is forced to rise about the rim.  That’s just how I roll, mwa-ha-ha!



But it tasted great and everyone really enjoyed it.  With asparagus on the side it made a nice light dinner. Perfect for the not so great tummies around here this week. 

Next week is mid-winter break (and I use the term lightly as this has been the mildest winter on record for Seattle).  The kids will be out of school so I shall be taking a short blogging break.  See you in a week!

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