artist’s statement

One of the hardest things to write is an artist’s statement.  Joan from my printmaking class suggested that I go home right after class and write down everything that had been discussed during my critique so that I could remember it.  Funnily enough my friend Sophie had suggested the same thing a few days before as I was trying to put into words the direction my work is going.

Of course, I didn’t do any of that.  I’ll remember.  What was I thinking? I can’t even remember where I put my keys.

Nonetheless, this is my statement for the piece I’ve donated to this year’s Pratt auction…

Raised on the Canadian prairie with a background in needlework and an education in environmental studies, Dawn found her artistic voice and a renewed connection with nature here in the Pacific Northwest.  This piece combines several prints, torn (on purpose), pieced and hand stitched.

Short, to the point, and not using the words juxtapose or metaphor.  Done.

I love my piece. Love, love, love it.  I really hope it sells at the auction but if it doesn’t I have to admit, I wont’ be disappointed.  I already know exactly where I’ll put it.

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  1. Neora Chana March 2, 2010

    Very cool. Writing artist\’s statements is kind of like writing a statement describing your approach to therapy, so I appreciate the difficulties. You also did not use the word \’process\’. Very admirable! 😉

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