a little funny yet a little depressing

So, last week I’m waiting in the school office to pick up my 9-year old son because he lost a molar during lunch and he was a bit freaked out (he doesn’t do well with any amount of blood).  A gentleman approaches me and asks if I am there for SeniorNet.  This is a program offered at the school for seniors wanting to learn about computers and the intertubes.  I said no and Marcia, who works in the office said, “I think she’s a bit too young.”  He says, “It’s for anyone 50 and older.”

Should I go on?

First off, do I really look my age?  Apparently I did to this guy.  That is depressing.  I keep hoping I don’t look 50 but there are days that I do, and I guess that was one of them. 

Second, the idea of me taking basic computer and internet training cracks me up.  I know I’m no techie but I did work in the high tech industry as a consultant before settling down to my current job as a Y2K preparedness consultant/ stay at home mom.  But on the other hand, my husband would probably love to have someone else answer all my questions.

Third, how many other SeniorNet participants can just stay and pick up their kids from school?  Not their grandkids, their kids.  That would totally crack me up.

yup, I’m thinkin’ about it…

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  1. Beth March 10, 2010

    dawn, ok NO WAY do you look even close to 50 unless the viewer is 12 an then everyone over the age of 23 is ancient … and i am always sadly shocked when i pull out the AARP card and don\’t get "you don\’t look like you should have this card" … arrrggh … keep us laughing dawn … and good luck with the bathroom …

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