have i mentioned i love printmaking?

it’s true.  and I love my class at the Kirkland Arts Center and all the wonderfu, supportive women I print with who make me think about art and color and printing and politics.

Last night I dragged out a woodblock I’ve been working on for awhile.  All it needed was a bit of carving and wire brush on the front then a bit more on the back.  I used the back to ink “background” color onto the paper.

I’m really pleased with the results and want to continue working with this block and see where it goes.

I inked the back of the plate using transparent blue.  Then I inked the front using the same blue with a bit of black and red added for the water. 


I used a bit of brown for the boat and net.  I used paper (chine colle) for the sail. It is a little hard to see the netting but it looks either like a net or the reflection of the boat in the water. Either way, I like it.

I printed the plate on linen as well.  (lol, nice shadow – what a great photographer ) The fabric jumped a bit going through the press but I still like how it looks.  I’m going to add the sail with applique and the net with embroidery.

I’ve been very inspired lately by the fiber works of Mariska Karasz and I like the way she does netting so I want to play with that idea.

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