to the zoo

P had an inexplicable day off of school yesterday (okay, it had something to do with report cards, I’m not sure).  I offered to take him to the zoo but it was cloudy and spitty and cold and yeah, I wasn’t feeling it.

So this morning, bright and early he reminded me that today was the day for the zoo!  We texted his sister who was at a sleepover and yes, she did want to join us.  Could her friend come too?  Sure.  I had to drop a print off at my friend Anna’s house so adding her two to the mix seemed like a fine idea.  I love having a van that holds that many kids.  Honestly, when it comes to kids I swear it’s easier the more you have.  At least for short periods of time.

Four hours, including lunch, at the zoo.  It was great.  Lots of fun animals to see, the kids were good.  My favorite thing today was seeing emu eggs.  I didn’t think they were real and if a volunteer hadn’t been standing right there I would never have known.  I also learned that it is the male emu that builds the nest to attract the female, then he looks after the eggs. 

Here are some pictures…


Jaguar                                                       Arctic Fox

Emu eggs (!)                              Miniature Panda Cow                  Flamingo

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