one of the things that I have thought about a lot lately, with regard to my art, is the organic life.  I took my friend Evelyn to see my show in Kent in January and that is the word she used to describe my work, organic.

This really hit home for me because it truly is the way I try (note the word, try) to live my life.  I studied environmental science at University and I became a specialist in geographic information systems.  I moved to the big city and temporarily lost my way but luckily Derick and I bought our first house next door to an environmental activist who helped me return to the straight and narrow.

I want my art to reflect and influence these lifestyle choices.  The use of organic forms and materials.  Trees and wood. Shells and threads. The garden, linens, cottons… I’m not quite clear on this path but it is the path I want to follow.  I think I have an idea for several pieces done with prints and linen.  I’m excited.

The lovely intertubes proved a wealth of information and the blogs of many artists who also share this passion.  A couple that I’ve been reading lately…

Jill Bliss does the most amazing artwork. I’m sure you probably recognize the art to the right on my journal.  Her poppies are quite famous.  I was so pleased to start reading her blog and find out that she is also very down to earth.  I love her book recommendations and influences. I’m really hoping that she does a drawing workshop this summer.

I don’t crochet and so I think the work of Jessica Polka is doubly amazing.  Her influences are science-based (finger puppets based on the voyage of the Beagle? brilliant.)


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