bad news but good news then bad news

The bad news is that my piece did not get accepted to the Pratt Auction this year.  I’m more than a little bummed about it as I was really pleased with it.  However, I do know that they got tons of 2D work this year and at the Pratt Auction it is the 3D work that sells the best so I’m not alone in having my piece sent back.

The good news is that my piece did not get accepted to the Pratt Auction this year.  That means it will come home and will look spectacular on the wall in our living room.  I don’t have a lot of my work hanging at home so I’m pretty excited.

The bad news is, they’ve lost it.  I went down to the Pratt today to pick it up and it could not be found.  The receptionist and I hunted high and low where all the rejects were being stored then we went over to the warehouse and nothing.  The woman in charge of the auction was not in the office today and nor was my printmaking instructor who works there.  Tomorrow I’ll contact both of them and see if they can find my piece.

I mean, I donated and didn’t really expect to get it back again so that’s cool. However, I didn’t donate it so they could lose it, so that’s not cool.  I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE:  Now I don’t know how I feel.  They found my piece, it is over at the warehouse getting photographed for the auction catalog.  It was accepted, I got the rejection letter by mistake.  But, but, I have the spot for it all ready…

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