So, on the verge of turning 51 I discover I have bursitis in my knee which totally makes me sound like I’m at least 51. sigh.  It started after our 20-hour ordeal of a flight to Hawaii.  Ever since I’ve had a lot of trouble with stairs, lots of pain in my left knee, yeah, not pleasant.  I went to the doctor who sent my for physio-therapy. 

The therapist asked me quite a few questions, pushed and pulled, yanked and stretched and generally made it hurt more.  Then she did some ultrasound therapy on it then iced it and generally made it feel better.  She recommended two things:

 #1 Ice

Three or four times a day for 3 minutes using this high tech device.  I froze ice in a paper cup, then tore the paper to expose the ice.  She said I can apply this ice to my knee for three minutes or sit with an ice pack on my knee for 20 minutes.  So I do the quick ice out of necessity, and save the long ice for sympathy  😉


#2 Proper Shoes

And she scoffed at my current “walking” shoes.  As my friend Brenda pointed out, there are few good shoes that are also cute shoes.  At least I don’t wear heals.  That’s a start, right?  So Miss R and I went to REI for shoes.  We knew we might have to buy some with (du, du, dummmmm) leather.  Sigh.  There just aren’t great choices when it comes to non-leather shoes with good support.

So here they are!  Not the prettiest or cutest of shoes, but they are really comfortable.  Really, really comfortable.  And next week when I am chaperoning a gaggle of middle school kids through Washington, D.C. I should just about be able to keep up.


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  1. Neora Chana March 31, 2010

    Ugh…don\’t you hate how these things are supposed to be a normal part of aging? Don\’t believe it; you may need to make some adjustments, but pain means something is wrong. Pay attention to it. Good luck keeping up with the kids next week!

  2. Dawn March 31, 2010

    Thanks Neora! And thanks for the site Sophie. Rozii and I have shopped around a few of the vegan shoe sites but hadn\’t seen that link before.

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