before, during and after

When we moved into our house in 2001 I was so excited – the kitchen was freshly renovated and the previous owner had chosen white tiles for the countertops and backsplashes.  A few years later I was in a big box store looking longingly at every other style of counter top. 

Finally, Derick decided it was time.  We had a bit of money saved up for home repairs (have I mentioned the master bathroom? of course I have).  Here is a shot of the old, tile. It looks clean and bright but there is miles of grout to keep clean, the underside edges are unfinished and several tiles are cracked – it doesn’t hold up well.

In all honesty, despite the fact that I had to clean off my countertops twice in a matter of weeks (gasp), and I was without my kitchen for two days, this was probably one of the easiest, and most dramatic, home renovation projects we’ve undertaken.

The process took two days, one for demolition.  All the old tile was smashed up and taken away (oh, I was sorely tempted to hold onto it all for some craft project or other but in the end I let them take it away).  At the same time we had them take away the garbage disposal.  I am so glad to see it gone!


Day two was the installation which turned out to require more demolition so took about 2 hours longer than planned – not bad in the big scheme of things.  We chose Corian counters because they are seamless and easy to clean – the exact opposite of tile really.  I love the new, larger sink with the schmancy nozzly spray faucet – so clean and modern and it works – again, the exact opposite of our old one.  And the bonus, our stove actually fits like it is supposed to, it has never been properly installed because of the ridiculous job the previous owner did putting the tile in.  It looks like we got a new stove!



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