staff appreciation week

I’d like to say that this is an annual event that I hold for my household staff but I think an entire week dedicated to myself and Mr. Ho, who mows my lawn, is a bit much…

No, it’s staff appreciation week at the kids’ schools.  P and I sat down and decided what to do for each day this week. 

Today was a thank you card. Done, along with a gift card.

Tomorrow is a piece of art or a craft so P decided to give his teacher one of our robot prints.  This is a picture he drew and I carved it.  I print it and add watercolors to give it some “oomph”.  P is so proud of these, as he should be. 

Wednesday is flowers and I think my lilacs will still be nice. 

Thursday is something for your teacher’s hobby and I ordered this handmade journal from these guys.  The kids’ read “Owls in the Family” this year and did a science unit on owls.  P’s teacher keeps a journal so I thought she’d get a kick out of this. 

Friday is sweets so we’ll send in angel food cake and strawberries (P’s favorite).

My dilemma though is what to do for all the other staff that do so much everyday.  Playground supervisors, office staff, specialists, custodians and so on. So besides taking something for the staff breakfast this morning, and a plate of cookies on Wednesday, I’ve donated this print.  I made up tickets and any staff who would like to can enter for a chance to win it.  It’s one of my favorite prints. 

Now to figure out what to do over at the middle school.  sigh.

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