where to start

There are days when it just seems the right thing to do is to turn around and go back to bed.  I did that today, twice.  This morning I got the kids up and out and went back to bed.  I had errands to run and a friend to meet so I managed to get myself out the door for awhile.  Home again, some plodding then got the kids home from school and back I went to bed.  I’m feeling so run down today and I’m not sure why. It might be a bug, it might be the grey skies, it might be that I don’t know where to start now that I have my house back to myself.

In the meantime I’ve had my browser open to a couple of pages.  I love love love all the fabrics in this collection. I want to buy enough for a small lap quilt but can’t decide if I should.  I’ve been imagining all sorts of combinations of embroidery, appliqué and quilting but again, where would I start?

And the deadline for Plush You is coming up this weekend and I’ve not decided whether or not to enter.  It isn’t a big deal, I’ve got my pictures and the entry fee is nominal, but am I a plush artist?  And if I get chosen, where would I start?

An early night tonight is in order…

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  1. Neora Chana May 5, 2010

    Hope you had a good night\’s rest and are back to your chipper self. Love the cover on the book….looks like just the kind of fabrics I could picture you using for a quilt

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