it’s all i can think about

I’m getting ready for my printmaking critique tomorrow night and I really want to have some pieces finished because I find it hard to articulate exactly what I’m doing. 

Not the images really, as I’m not into describing them and since I don’t do abstract they are usually pretty self explanatory.  It’s the techniques I’m using and where I’m going with the pieces and what it means to finish them that I’m struggling to describe.


Anyway, I’ve been stitching and gluing up a storm around here and this morning I finally got out to the “studio” (as always, I use the term loosely to describe the pit that is my garage) to do some actual printing of these “plates”.

Here are the first two. I tried a few ways of inking them, inking just the raised surface of the stitches and inking the entire plate.


and here are the results.


I’m not one hundred percent happy with them but I know I’m on the right track and look forward to everyone’s comments tomorrow night.  Okay, looking at them, I really really love the sun printed on the blue paper. 

Have I mentioned how much I love this?  I’ve another plate that I need to finish sealing.  And some other pieces to finish and/or start stitching in time for tomorrow night.  Yay.

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