one robot finished

Here he is, standing beside his portrait, and a few close-ups.

The details, all together he took about 10-hours to make, from cutting out through final stitching.  Granted, the ten hours are pretty relaxed, breaks for kids, FB updates, movie watching… 

I got a bit carried away with the beads.  I hadn’t been to Northwest Quilt and Bead in ages and well, I was doing okay until they pointed out the drawers under each of the bead tables.  Anyway, I stocked up and have enough beads for another robot or two, or six.  I got the watch parts (his nose, mouth and two pieces on his chest) at another craft shop – the whole “steampunk” boom is great for gadgety things.

One more robot for my order.  Too much fun.


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  1. Flicka May 24, 2010

    LOVE IT!!! Oh, Dawn – it\’s so awesome, I can\’t wait to see in person. 🙂 I won\’t even get started on the 10 hours though… I love reading your blog how you\’re so surprised you\’re accepted to shows, etc. (congrats BTW on Plush You!) – you\’re a real artist. We\’re lucky to get you while you\’re rates are reasonable ;-).

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