Or serviceberries as they are “mistakenly” called here in the Pacific Northwest.  I grew up in Saskatoon (the berry), Saskatchewan (swiftly flowing) where these berries grow along the banks of the swiftly flowing South Saskatchewan River (and on berry farms as well).  Ah yes, it all comes together…

I got my little twigs from the Burnt Ridge Nursery.   They are a little sad, but I know what Saskatoons can be like and I’m not worried that they’ll settle in nicely.  I don’t think we’ll have pie in the fall (Dad, that is a hint for Christmas gifts – a jar or two of pie filling wouldn’t be unwelcome).



The kids helped me put them in the ground this afternoon.  They are not nearly as reluctant to help with yard work. They are starting to see the fruits of their labors.  The strawberries are in bloom, the lettuce and chard are ready to eat, and the spider lillies they planted are coming up.  I’ll make farmers of them yet.

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