two robots finished

This little guy took a bit longer than I expected him to.  Bad robot.  But I love his jaunty look and all his beadwork.  And the way I did his hands.

These do take a long time to make mostly because of their interior structure.  Each piece; the head, body, arms, legs and feet, have an armature made up of pipe cleaners of various sizes and stuffing.  In this guy’s case his feet have really heavy steel washers at the bottom to give him enough weight so that he doesn’t tip. 

With all of this going on inside the robot, they are fully pose-able.  See, it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Okay.  I have enough supplies to keep going, but I have to stop for a day or two and get some other things done. 


Oh, not housework of course.  I’ve got art deadlines dammit.


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