a good night at printmaking

Last night was my last printmaking class of the spring quarter.  Luckily, it’s just two weeks until the summer session begins.  I went with the idea of just visiting with my friends, but had a new plate and ended up printing about 18 small prints from it. 

These are for the Print Zero exchange and aren’t due until July 10.  Wow.  How awesome am I – not waiting until the last minute!  Of course, they aren’t in the mail yet, so there is still time to be panicked and late!

The plate is stitched and sealed with acrylic medium.  I inked up each area with a brush then over inked it with black. 

I wasn’t trying to smudge the black but when I happened I just went with it.  I’m so pleased with how the stitching and the weave of the cloth show through.

I’ll definitely revisit this plate once my other projects are finished.


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