One of the comments that I heard several times at the Pratt auction was that my piece didn’t photograph well – that it looked better in person than in the catalog.  This can impact the bidding as people look at the catalog and decide beforehand which pieces they’d like to bid on.  That being said, my piece did sell and I did get alot of very nice compliments.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cable Griffen, the curator at the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery arranged to have a photographer come in and take pictures of 2D and 3D pieces this week.  I took one of my boat prints in last night.  The photographer was great, he noticed right away the moiré effect created by the weave of the linen, as well as the numerous shadows cast by the hand stitching.  I wanted him to get rid of the moiré but keep the shadows, a tall order.  It took him my entire allotted time to light the piece, but the end result looked really good.

Here is one of my pictures, showing the detail of the net and the appliqué.  I’m going to submit this piece to the juried show.  I have to say, I don’t expect to be chosen – even Kamla suggested that my new technique is just different enough, and so close to verging on “craft” that I can expect pushback.  That’s cool.  But I do want to get it in front of the judge.

Tonight is the 3D photographs.  I’ve been inspired by my selection to be in Plush You!  (have I mentioned that?  Have I mentioned it a million times yet?) to pick up a project I’d set aside some months ago.  I want Kristen Rask at Schmancy to see it before I put it on my blog, but here is a sneak peak.  I had it all finished two nights ago, but pulled it apart yesterday and redid it.  I’m happier with the results, but still know what I’ll change for my next version.  Yay.

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