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As you know, I have two blogs going on. The other one, Vegan Infusion, I share with a couple of girlfriends and I’ve posted a few things over there lately.  The great thing about writing for that blog is that it has been prompting me to try some new recipes.  And my little family loves “rating nights” when they have to rate the meal (our of five).  They put great thought into it.  Thought I’d share the latest…


Yes, it’s still asparagus season here in Washington and I couldn’t resist.  And the other thing I couldn’t resist, picking up a copy of The 30-Minute Vegan! So this recipe is from my new recipe book by the wonderful folks who brought us Vegan Fusion.

I remember when I took home economics and learned to make Welsh Rarebit.  It was such a wonderful comfort food, like a gourmet version of canned spaghetti on toast (lol, this is cracking me up – admit it, you’ve all eaten this sort of thing!)  Well, creamy asparagus over toast reminded me of this and I had to try it.

I had all the ingredients on hand except, embarrassingly – toast.  So I served it on breaded “chik’n” patties.  It tasted amazing and everyone loved it.  I have to admit, I was a bit surprised because it is so different than anything I usually serve my little family and the color of the creamy portion was, well, not as appetizing as you might think. 

This recipe makes a lot.  It says, “serves 6” but I think those are very generous portions.  Again, not a problem as I’ll happily have it on toast for lunch but I think if I were to make it again, I’d half the recipe.  And I’d leave it chunkier, as suggested as a variation.

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