a new robot

I’ve been fighting a cold the last few days and yesterday I decided to take the day off and just relax.  For me, stitching a ridiculously detailed robot which I’m designing as I go is relaxing.  Really.  I watched Sense and Sensibility for the umpteenth time and stitched.  Here is the result…

This is the initial sketch.  P and I worked on it together from a drawing book that he has.  He picked which parts of each robot he wanted to include.  I especially wanted to include the braaaains.  I cut out the felt for the legs, shoulders and body.

I should point out that once I finished the legs I realized the body and shoulders were going to have to be bigger so back to the cutting board.  When I ran out of orange, red “hi-lights” were selected.  Planning is for suckers.


I worked on the head right away, to see how the brains turned out.  The face is all from small watch parts found at the craft store.  The bubble is from a toy from a quarter machine somewhere.

The brains are bits of felt roving twisted and twisted until they twisted in on themselves then felted together with a felting needle.  This was the most fun and I may have to make more brains for another project.

The whole thing came together really nicely.  The whole thing has a pipe cleaner armature.  He stands on his own quite nicely.  I love the shape of the legs.  His name is Ortis Brainiac p. 9.5. 

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