seattle aquarium

I really can’t get enough of the aquarium, and luckily, neither can my kids.  Parker and I went this morning and it was fantastic.  We got there right as it opened and got to make our way through before the crowds got to much and while all the creatures seemed to be really active. 

Especially the giant Pacific Octopus. So often they are, despite their name, difficult to find in their homes. Today, both the male and female were all over the place. They are so amazing.

I also love seeing the anemone.  At the shore at low tide they are just lumps of black mush, so to be able to see them like this is a treat.

Of course, with Parker it is really just a race from one exhibit to the next, barely stopping to look.  But I promised him we’d go at his pace and we made it through the whole aquarium in under an hour.  I need to rest up for our trip to the zoo this week.


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