more printmaking

I know.  More printmaking.  Given my slump of late, it is amazing that I’ve been able to get anything done.  But deadlines and demos work wonders. 

My Print Zero contribution is happily packaged and making it’s way to Chicago as we speak, so that’s a good thing.  Thank goodness they extended the deadline otherwise I’d be a tad late, but as it now stands, I might be a day early!  go me, go me.


Over the weekend I had the chance to be the “artist in residence” for the day at Fusions Art Gallery in Ocean Shores.  Essentially I got to set up my printmaking equipment at a little table and explain to people what printmaking is and try to coax them into buying my prints   😉

I decided to go the extra mile and I carved a simple block and took along blank cards with envelopes.  I let kids who were visiting with their parents print cards to take home.  It was a lot of fun for both me and the kids.  My choice of deep blue was a bit of a mistake though as it tends to stain, despite being water soluble.  I sent home a few blue handed kids.  oops.

I love the block and may make a few cards to take back to Fusions next time I’m there.  They’d be nice printed on some light blue paper or mulberry, hmmm.

When not turning kids’ hands blue, I was working on a woodcut.  People love to watch me carve, and I love to carve so it worked out well.  I had originally planned to cut an underwater scene and had it all sketched out and transferred to my woodblock. 

Rozii and I looked at it and decided that the barnacles were too big compared to the sea stars and, oh I don’t know.  It just wasn’t doing it for me.


At the last minute I decided I didn’t like it so I switched to something completely different – that I totally stole from an old book I had at the cottage**.  I transferred it to the other side of the woodblock.

I need to finished it up by scraping the water part down to the quick, bringing out the grain of the wood to give the water more texture. I’ll mask out the whale to keep it’s clean definition.  If I hurry I’ll have it done to try out tomorrow night at printmaking.


** The book is about 50 years old so I’m not sure where this lies in the copyright realm, will definitely look into it before I sell copies of this print.


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