another aquarium trip

This week Parker is off to soccer camp so Rozii and I have the run of the town.  Today we visited the aquarium.  No, I never get tired of it – I absolutely love visiting the aquarium and feel that I learn something new every time I go. 

(don’t you love Rozii’s haircut!  Derick gave both kids haircuts last night.  He did an amazing job!)

Rozii and I stumped the tide pool guy with our question regarding the breeding habits of barnacles.  We’d read that they “brood” their young and wanted to know if this meant that they actually nurtured their young.  The answer was no.  Unless by nurturing you mean releasing them to the wild as soon as they are born. 



The octopi were awesome, as usual.  The puffins were preening rather than flying underwater but it meant for easier picture taking.  And this fantastic hermit crab posed quite nicely.  I’m thinking that the puffin would make a lovely woodcut.

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