a good night at printmaking

I love my printmaking class.  It was really busy last night, everyone was there, laughing, chatting, doing a bit of printmaking.  But mostly chatting.  Everyone is reading, has read, or is about to read The Millennium Trilogy.  Everyone was talking about the long awaited arrival of summer.  aahhhh.

Here’s what I did.

This is the woodcut that I worked on at Fusions over the weekend.  I like it although I might fuss with the whale’s mouth a bit and make the lines in the body of the squid a bit thinner.  I’m not sure.  And I think I’ll add a bit of color to the squid with water colors, just to make it pop.

I’m not really attached to the woodcut, it was just something to work on.  But I do like it, I love wood engravings, someday I might take a class just to try it out.


This print on the other hand, I love.  Love, love, love.  This is the stitched collograph that I showed you last week.  It was really hard to get just the amount of color that I wanted.  I ran it through about 8 times before I got just the right one.  The others aren’t bad, just not perfect.  This one is perfect.  I am really loving this method of printmaking.

This is the camping coffee percolator that my brother gave me. 

He and I have had long conversations about this silly coffee pot as he also has one.  Do you take it off the stove when it first starts to perk or do you wait until the coffee starts to boil?


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  1. Neora Chana July 8, 2010

    I also like the stitched plates and the way they print; very innovative.I think your new iconlookslike Rozii.Enjoy the summerfun with your kids, hubbie!

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