dad of the year award

For Father’s Day the kids gave Derick the book Geek Dad.  It’s full of amazing, fun, mostly simple, projects for kids and dads to work on together.  Along with the book they gave him supplies for two projects, demolition derby (remote control cars + Lego) and night kite (kite + LED lights + glow in the dark paint). 

One of the projects is a home made slip and slide.  Derick came home early yesterday with all the supplies, plastic sheeting, pool noodles, self-stick Velcro, soaker hose.  In about 30 minutes it was all done.

Here are the results…


Apparently it’s not big enough.  Seriously?  They want to make it the width of our hill and about 15 feet longer.

And their tip, add a little dish soap near the top of the slide when you get started for extra slipping and sliding.


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