i’m baaaack

After a little road trip to Northern Saskatchewan, I’m back.  Blogging may be slightly sporadic for the remaining weeks of summer, I’m just warning you.

That being said, there may be some changes coming in the fall.

I’ve had my blog here on Windows Spaces for over five years.  The brainiacs behind it recently added many new and very cool features but apparently the tradeoff is removing statistics.  This was really the only way that I could tell if I was getting any traffic to my blog.  I don’t get a lot of comments, which is fine but now I really have no idea if anyone is out there.  I’m trying to decide if this matters to me or if I really am just writing this for my little gang of about 5 readers, most of whom I’m related to.

Can I ask a favor?

If you visit my blog now and then, could you please shoot me an email with the word MoreArt in the subject line.  Send it to d _ rogal at hotmail dot com

Thanks so much.

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