field trip

I started out going to a movie with Derick and Parker but as we drove downtown I changed my mind.  Leaving them at the theater I walked down the street to the Bellevue Arts Museum, bought a family membership and spent two hours viewing the current exhibits. 

I’d read about The Gold Standard in one of my art magazines and was so excited to see it in person.  The artist is a jeweler by training. I won’t try to tell the story of the exhibit here, it’s complicated and I won’t do it justice.  I like looking at 3D work as it takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me to think about my work in a brand new way. 

Corals Creatures from the Deep is the work of another jeweler, not that you would guess because the work absolutely filled the gallery from the bottom dwelling anemones to the floating jellyfish.  I’d wanted to see this because so many of my prints are influenced by sea life.  This exhibit is breathtaking and not to be missed. 

I was lucky enough to have a docent walk me through both exhibits, which was fantastic.

The final exhibit, “comprised of over 70 paintings and sculptures, The Art of Discovery features some of the most influential artists of the Pacific Northwest.”  The idea behind the exhibit is to introduce young people to art.  There are a few “interactive” portions where you are encouraged to draw, jot down your thoughts, touch a sculpture and so on.  I just enjoyed seeing the work of many familiar (Spike Mafford, Dale Chihuly, Sherry Markovitz) and unfamiliar artists (why oh why have I been printmaking for two years and not heard of Glen Alps?).


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