summer is winding down

We are having such funny weather, it’s either really hot of verging on downright chilly.  Last Monday I made a pot of chili for friends and today I have the doors wide open letting the warm air and sunshine in.  My tomatoes are waiting patiently on the vine for some warm weather to ripen them and the winter pansies are being planted.

We were at the shore this past weekend and it was warm, sunny and gorgeous.  And apparently that was the first warm, sunny weekend this summer.  They’ve had terrible weather.  So we made the most of it with time spent on the beach. 




My charming husband bought me a camera to replace the one I accidentally dropped on the floor.  I felt terrible – it’s a great camera and didn’t deserve to be dropped.  He bought me basically the same model, but the latest version.  It has a new feature that I love, it helps to create panoramas. 

Quite fun.

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