I love September.  Fall has always been my favorite season and I love everything about going back to school.  I’ve always felt like September 1 is the start of the year, not January 1.  It seems like a good time to get organized, get into a routine and tuck in for winter.  That being said…

I love writing my blog and I’ve finally made a decision.  I’m going to keep writing it, despite recent disruptions in services (I’m talking to you Microsoft!).  I’ll keep all my crafting, homemaking, printing, family, vacation and other news-related posts here.  Business as usual really, perhaps with more frequency but with more randomness and more coffee.  I don’t think I write enough about my deep and abiding love of coffee.


I’ll write about my adventures in vegetarian and vegan cooking over at the blog I share with my friends Liz and Sophie.  You can find it here.  I’m having fun searching out and trying new recipes for that blog and the family likes rating the dishes.  We rate them out of five carrots.  There are long discussions about why dishes are rated the way they are, what would make them better and, on the part of the boys, why they don’t have more meat in them.



I’ve started another blog but this one is under wraps for a bit longer.  I’ve not had the time to work on it that I’d hoped.  This will be my “professional” blog.  A blog that I can point people to when they ask if I have a website.  It will cover just my work as an “arteeest”, my printmaking and such.  I’ll probably post my printmaking entries both here and there.  We’ll see.  Anyway, when that one is in better shape I’ll let you know. 

k.   thx.  bai.

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