I got distracted over the weekend, and then discouraged and now I’m trying to get back on track. 

I’ve got Plush You coming up in a few weeks and a BIG project yet to finish but instead of working on it over the weekend I started my second piece which is not coming together as planned.  (Not that I had much time to work on it, gorgeous weather meant lots of time at the beach and generally goofing around outside in Ocean Shores.)

Last night I could not get to sleep, I was trying to figure out how to get the second project working the way I wanted it to. I have an idea, but it is going to take A LOT of time. So this morning I looked at all my materials, waiting patiently for me.  I’ve decided to put it all away in the garage and concentrate on pieces 1 and 2. This will either be piece 3 or not be included at all in my submissions.  I may have other ideas for it…


So tonight it’s back to work on the big project. I’ve a bunch of gluing to do and another piece of the puzzle to make a pattern for and to stitch.  Good thing our black cat Riley likes to “help”.  Derick suggested I go down to Home Depot and see if any of the day laborers that hang around there know how to sew.  At this point I’m very tempted.


And if I am sounding mysterious about the end result of all of this, it’s because you’ll have to wait for the “big reveal”.  Once everything is installed at Schmancy, I’ll take photos of the finished projects and believe me, you’ll see them, ad nauseum!

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