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because I don’t have quite enough deadlines in my life at the moment I decided to enter my work in the cloth paper scissors artisan search.  This is one of my favorite magazines for “eye candy” and a view to the world of mixed-media art – whatever that means to you!  This is the first year they are looking for a group of artisans in each of five categories; Mixed-media Stitch, Art Journal and Book Making, Printmaking and Silk Screening, Mixed-media Jewelry, and Collage and Assemblage.  I entered in the printmaking category. 

And I have to say, chances are slim. 

My latest work is all pretty simplistic and there is never anything simple about the work featured in cloth paper scissors, quite the opposite.  And there are a number of printmakers who have entered whose work is more representative of that aesthetic.   That’s okay.  The process of gathering my work together and writing about it for the entry has been a good one.  It’s always good to critique yourself and think about your work. 

Here are the pieces that I “entered” with.  I’ll find out more towards the end of the month.


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