Personally, I find spending a hundred or so odd hours hand-stitching felt relaxing.  There are brief moments when I question my sanity but for the most part, I’m good.  And the end result, totally worth every minute.

This piece, entitled “My Plush Piling”, which started out as a teeny tiny sketch amongst others in my sketchbook, stands about two feet tall.  It is made entirely of different types (wool and bamboo) and weights of felt.  It is entirely hand stitched (with just a bit of glue in the top and bottom of the piling to make it look like tree rings). The sleepy gull and log are separate pieces.  There are 36 barnacles, 15 mussels and one sea star attached to the piling.  The pattern (so to speak) is entirely my own.  Not that I could, or would, duplicate it.  At least not this month.  Or next.


You can visit “My Plush Piling” in person at Plush You! 2010 starting with the opening reception on October 8th at Schmancy Toys in downtown Seattle.

Here are a few pictures of the work in progress…


And, for those of you following my dilemma with regard to blogging… I have officially “launched” my “professional” web site/blog over here.  Everything I post there will be posted here but not vice versa, just f.y.i.   Yeah.  It’ll work out, you’ll see.

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