garden update

Thank goodness for Mr. Ho.  He’s not been too busy lately so when he comes over to mow my lawn he is doing some fall tidying as well.  He’s been cutting back renegade blackberries that come over the fence from the neighbors’ yards, cleaning up the perennials and composting annuals.  In return I let him have all the cherry tomatoes he wants.  And a promise to make me Vietnamese fish soup this winter.

I’ve been planting fall color and taking photos.  He really does just leave me with the fun part of having a garden.



I’ve a white pumpkin that has taken all summer to throw a few blossoms and produce two tiny tiny little pumpkins.  They’ll be a treat to carve come Halloween!  I planted about 4 of these and they’ve all waited until now to do anything.  It has been a lovely fall, and we did have a crazy summer, but honestly, this is just silly.

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