I personally work best when I have a deadline because I’m a last minute person.  As an artist who enjoys putting my work in juried and non-juried shows, this means that life is full of deadlines.  I miss quite a few.

I squeezed in my entry for the cloth paper scissors artisan search just under the wire (I think I had two hours to spare). 

Imagine my astonishment and excitement to learn that I had been chosen as one of the finalists in the printmaking and silk screening category.  (Over 500 artists applied for five different categories.)

Of course, this meant heading down to Ocean Shores to pick up a piece I had hanging in the gallery, and picking up another piece that I had at another gallery in Kirkland, getting them framed, wrapped and ready to head to Massachusetts to meet the deadline for final judging.



These are wrapped and ready to ship.  Believe it or not, they don’t have to be there until the 14th of October.  

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