see! Prints!

Last week I dropped off a print at the Kirkland Art Center Store for the Snow Ball, a fundraising event for the Center.  I set the print in the backroom with a number of others that had been donated.  I also dropped off a parliament of owls (I had to look that up).   I worked my shift, did a bit of shopping myself and had a lovely time chatting with other artists coming in to drop off work or just hang out.  I even had the chance to help a few customers. 


008002Later that evening the store manager sent me a note saying she found my print tucked away and asked why it was not on the wall of the store!  So I’ve framed and packaged up a number of my prints(including several of the better encaustic monotypes) and have them ready to take in to be looked at. 


They can decide if any of them are store-worthy or if I should just stick to my stitching.



I have to say, between the sales (my stitched goods have been flying out the door of the shop lately) and the compliments. I’m going to mistake myself for an artist one of these days.

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