i am loving sequins

006I am on a mission to create a stuffed and mounted fish. 


Ever since I made the little fish pins I decided that l needed to work on a larger scale, so to speak. And I’m loving sequins these days.  I’m finding all sorts of cool shapes and of course just the classic round ones as well.  Alabama Chanin have some lovely, vintage-style, dressmaker’s sequins. I have them in a couple of colors that I love (the gold on the orange fish are one example).  I’ve also sourced some real vintage ones online but haven’t quite brought myself to shell out the big bucks for them.


My first attempt at a pattern became very complicated, very quickly.  I was creating a different pattern piece for each row of fish scales.  A pain in the ass to sketch and to cut out.  So I trashed that idea and came up with a much simpler, and easier pattern.  The beauty is it is easier to repeat and to repeat the pattern of sequins to be sewn.  phew.


004   006   009


So now I have about a bazillion sequins to stitch on.  Wish me luck.

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