Looking forward

Late last week I picked up the items from the Pratt Holiday Art Sale that didn’t sell and was so pleased to find that the two large pieces that I took in both sold along with two of the silk mushroom prints and fifteen of the felt mushroom ornaments.  This is the first time I’ve had work in the sale so for me, it was very successful.


On Monday I worked at the KAC shop with my good friend Leslie.  Sadly the shop was too busy for us to goof around but on a happy note, we both sold quite a few things and the shop had a great morning.  It has really been hopping over the holidays and when you think that 70% of what the shop makes goes to the artists and to programs at the Kirkland Arts Center, it’s a great deal.  I have several of my prints on the walls at the shop but have sold everything else.  It has been crazy and very fulfilling for me.  In fact Leslie pointed out a little note in the book, “Ask Dawn Rogal to bring in more felt art pieces,”


etsy 009Now that the holiday sales are winding down I’m looking to the new year and what I’ll be working on.  I’m hoping to spend more time at NW Encaustics, either taking classes or renting the studio.  I can’t believe I’m saying that because after my first class I was pretty iffy about the whole medium.  But after taking the monotype class I’m anxious to try more things.


The other thing I’d like to do is work with watercolors a bit more, with a mind to doing very small pieces or incorporating them into my prints.  I’ve done this to some extent with my woodblock prints and linocuts but I’d like to do more, perhaps with monotypes.  And encaustics!


And I’d like to continue to work with felt.  I  have plans already for pieces that I’d like to submit for consideration for “Plush You!”.  It’s a fun show and a great goal to work towards.

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