I love the art that is coming out of the steampunk movement, particularly the work done by this artist.  My daughter Rozii’s friend has recently discovered it so when she came over yesterday I barged my way into their fun and made them make steampunk stuff with me.


                       007    008    


Yes, I had way too much fun. We just dug through all the bits and pieces I’ve saved for making robots and had more than enough for a few creatures.  I’m going to make these into pins.  I may even make a few more in time for Valentine’s day.  I especially loved the little snake that Rozii made – she went on to sketch this and it looked amazing.  Have I mentioned how talented my daughter is?



PS  for a total laugh go over to Regretsy and look at April’s list of “not remotely steampunk” items found on Etsy…

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