a fun little panda

I have a weakness for Japanese craft books.  A serious weakness.  The projects, photos and styling are all fabulous so even if I can’t read them, I can spend hours pouring through them.  Over the holidays Rozii and I were looking at a couple of them in particular and she asked if I could make up one of the pandas.


                     011            017


008The instructions in most of these craft books are abundantly clear, but what I soon found out was that on a project that has several similarly sized circles it became a bit hit and miss.  I only messed up once; cutting out and sewing the wrong color and size to the bottom of the panda’s feet.  Once I figured that out, it was pretty smooth going.  Oh, and I also think I now know the character for “black” which helped me to sort out the pieces.         


He’s pretty darn cute.  The koala might be next.

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