one more encaustic print

001Saving the best for last I guess.  This is another piece from my weekend encaustic class. This was an unexpected creation as I originally planned the colors to be horizontal.  It’s funny when something as simple as turning a piece on it’s side changes it so much.  My friend Jane had the same thing happen with one of her pieces from the class.


“Singular Crow”, 8 x 10-inches, monotype encaustic, framed


Available at the Kirkland Art Center store.

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  1. amy January 13, 2011

    really lovely! i would love to see up close. it kind of pains me that i can’t because i know how great that texture and depth is! right before christmas i fell into a couple websites featuring encaustic work…and naturally started doing a little shopping too…but i resisted, MUST get my studio back in shape before i add anything else to it.

    • dawnrogal January 14, 2011

      oh Amy, it’s all I want to work on. Luckily I can rent the studio very inexpensively and it comes fully equipped, I just need to take my paper and imagination. I just can’t bring one more “thing” into my studio at the moment so I really feel like I have the best of all worlds.

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