the book that made me break my new year’s resolution

print bookBrowsing around the relatively new Dick Blick store up on Capital Hill with a friend and nothing I really “needed” is really fun but not great for keeping resolutions.  I HAD to buy this book.  I mean, what if I went back and there were no more copies? Or found out that Amazon chose not to sell it?  I mean honestly, can you blame me?  The book, Print Workshop – Hand-Printing Techniques + Truly Original Projects.


I just love the printing that is done over at Yellow Owl Workshop.  Simple, yet beautiful, something that many artists strive for in their prints.  I love the writing style just as much as I love the illustrations, all by Christine Schmidt.

The book offers many, many projects that achieve this aesthetic and are suitable for both the beginning and the advanced printmaker.  For myself, I especially loved the chapter on sun printing.  Maybe it’s because I am missing the sun at the moment and wondering if I’ll ever get to do any of these projects.


For any of you looking to expand beyond carving your own stamps, this is the book for you.  Run out now and get it because it might not be there next time.  Don’t take a chance.  I didn’t.


            above image taken from

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