Auto-hug 2000

028My friend Anna came over with her kids and her knitting today so we while we diligently ignored the children we worked on some projects. I managed to finish this little robot.  An all-pink girlie (despite the fact I kept calling him a “he”) robot just in time for Valentine’s Day. 


Some of the details that I like:

She actually stands on her own (barely) which is pretty darn cute. 

Her hat is a little screen you put in your faucet. 

Her heart is dangling within a little felt box stitched in behind. 

Her head tilts like that with no planning on my part.  It totally works.


And, believe it or not, I sort of have a pattern if I want to make this body shape again.  I mean, the basic shapes, not the arms or legs or anything.  I’m not that organized.


She’ll be available for sale at the Kirkland Arts Center store.

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