goodbye to our sweet little friend


About nine years ago Rozii’s pre-school teacher asked if we would look after their school pet over the winter holidays.  The pet was a Kakariki, a small parrot, named Giggles.  We’d heard about Giggles and her adventures in the classroom so we happily said yes.  Little did we know that we would soon become Giggles’ permanent owners and how much we would all come to love that silly little bird.


Giggles was a constant source of amusement, not to mention tiny little eggs for kids to take for show and tell.  She soon learned how to terrify our three cats, sending them scattering every time she was allowed to come swooping out of her cage.  She learned how to charm Derick by “giggling” as soon as she heard him coming across the porch to the front door.  On days when I was home alone she would perch on my shoulder and wander around the house with me, or settle onto my chest if I was sitting relaxing, letting me stroke her chest.


She was a beautiful bird, in full flight she showed off her bright blue feathers under her wings.  Her head, cheeks and eyes were a gorgeous red.  She was also a messy bird, splashing water everywhere during her bath and flinging her food around looking for just the right seed.  And she loved to tinkle the little bells in her cage, a sound we’ll miss.


Giggles, who knew birds had so much personality.  Thank you for many happy years, for showing us more affection than we thought possible.from such a fragile little creature.  You are, and always will be, missed.

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  1. dawn January 20, 2011

    Thanks Amy. I came home this afternoon and thought I heard her chirping, which I hadn’t heard in a few weeks. I think it was her letting me know she’s in a happier place.

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