why I volunteer

Kirkland Arts Center Store 032at the Kirkland Arts Center store


Since December I’ve been working my four-hour shifts with my dear friend Leslie.  It is too much fun. Today was a quiet day so we did our opening, checked the store, cleaned out a “new to the store” card rack then settled in to play. 


Today it meant tarting up a display model that Leslie found at the Fremont Sunday Market and turning it into cupid.  This also involved rearranging some of the items in the store to make a “Cupid’s Favorite Things” table.  We are lucky that a. the store manager lets us do this and b. she waits until we’re gone to rearrange things so our feelings aren’t hurt.


We are also working on a Facebook page for the shop.  I took a lot of pictures and started an album.  It’s a great way to show off the store and the crazy variety and quality of the art that it carries.  If you get a chance, and are on Facebook, please head over to KAC (Kirkland Arts Center) Store and “like” us!


                        Kirkland Arts Center Store 034   Kirkland Arts Center Store 009   Kirkland Arts Center Store 029

                               Leslie!                                  Leslie’s amazing art!                  Auto-Hug 2000 on display.

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