No, I’m not yelling. Well, actually I am, sort of.  The applications for this year’s Plush You! are now being accepted. All the information can by found here.  Yes, I will be applying again this year.


002I already had a very good idea of what I’m going to be making for the show (if I’m accepted again) but I will be rethinking a couple of my pieces.  Nancy, which is a wonderful shop, and right next door to Schmancy (just up the street from Fancy) is closing. This is very sad news as the folks who run the shop are so nice (in fact I’m a big fan of Aaron Murray and his pottery pieces).  I had my pieces in Nancy this year and it was a wonderful spot.  Anyway, there won’t be as much room for as many entries and Kristen has requested that entries are on the smaller side. 


That’s okay.  My tree stump didn’t need to be life sized.


In addition to applying for Plush You! two friends and I have applied to be a part of the Kirkland Artist’s Studio Tour this year, and one of those same friends and I are working on a very special shared show that I would LOVE to talk about in tremendous detail but it is all a pipe dream at the moment so I will have to save that little tidbit.  Lots and lots and lots of plush to be stitched!!

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