lazy sunday

001My son is putting together a new lego set. My daughter and two friends are discussing the various characters in Hetalia, their current favorite manga and anime, my husband is putting the finishing touches on his presentation about “Women in Technology” and me… I’m starting work on a new plush.  The pattern is done,  the pieces cut out, the materials for embellishment assembled. I’m looking at about 15 – 20 hours of stitching ahead of me so the major decision is, to hide away with my book or start stitching?


I’m reading a great book at the moment, Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff.  It is full of amazing detail about the politics and geography of the time, as little is actually known about Cleopatra other than that written many years (and centuries) after her death and then embellished by Hollywood.   What is known is that she was incredibly smart and brought up in a society that honored and respected women.  It’s so interesting.


I think I’ll go read.

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