February’s Craft Book Review

You might think that since I bought two art/craft books in January, immediately breaking my New Year’s resolution to limit my purchases to one per month that I’d skip February.  Well, you’d be wrong.  I’m sticking to my one per month. January was my grace period to “ease” into my resolution. 


fashion geekThis month’s purchase is Fashion Geek by Diana Eng. Diana was on Project Runway a few seasons ago and although I didn’t root for her then, I do now because she has definitely found her niche in the world of fashion.  She is the mad scientist, adding mathematical formulas and electronics to her designs and doing it very well.


I’m really keen to add lights, sound and movement to my plush work so I thought this book would have some good ideas.  It does have a few great ideas. I’m finding the instructions a little underwhelming but the real proof will be when I go to try or adapt one of the projects.  I’ll reserve my final judgment of the book until then.

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