How do you find the time?

017I spend a lot of time working on my art. A lot of time.  It is both a passion and a necessity – it helps to keep me on an even keel, it provides an outlet for the craziness in my head and gives me a chance to talk to adults.


The things that fall by the wayside are housework, home cooked meals, paperwork and so on, and so on.  Some weeks are worse than others – like the weeks I worked on the mermaid, or the weekends I’m away at workshops.


I just have to say, that I wouldn’t be able to do any of this, without the help of my crazy husband.  For some reason he really loves me and loves my art and loves that I’m an artist.  He’ll walk in the door from work and be genuinely surprised if dinner is on the table.  He never minds if half the table is covered in sequins and felt.  I’ve taken over the entire garage as my workshop and his bike is on the porch.


I could not do what I do without him.  He’s an amazing husband, friend and father.  He loves his job, he loves his family, he loves me.  Crazy.



I’ll be taking a little blogging break. I’ll be back in March.  No doubt with a new craft book review!

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  1. Amanda February 15, 2011

    What a perfect blog for Valentine´s Day. Thanks for your intesting articles Dawn. Do you have any connections with Spain? As I noticed one of your painting has a Spanish title. Look forward to following you in March, in the meantime I will continue reading your other articles.

    • dawnrogal February 15, 2011

      Hi Amanda,
      No, no connection with Spain (in fact, I’m Canadian living in the US). The mermaid is sort of a Mexican “Day of the Dead” tribute so I wanted a Spanish name. Thanks for visiting my blog, I went over to yours – love it!

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